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Orc vs Elf Slot Machine
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Orc vs Elf Slot Machine
With the very recent departure of the third installment of The Hobbit, was predictable see arrive a slot machine in 3D, address the issue of the war between the orcs and the elves. Except as the editor who has taken the reins it is not really than was thought. While everyone expected a Betsoft or Netent, i saw with surprise that Orc vs Elf it was the work of the studies Real Time Gaming, a developer who had not tried before approaching the 3D scene. Masterpiece in the matter, long anticipated by RTG studies. Very true to Tolkien's work, the slot machine offers an action-packed adventure and hemoglobin, but also fifteen new applications. You are zoomed been left as surprised as we? If not, it is because not you know what awaits you.

It is sufficient to see the clip of introduction of Orc vs ElfTM, to comprehend finally what it's all about. Real Time Gaming not only reconstructs the epic battle that pits the orcs and elves in the latest installment of The Hobbit. 3D animations are a disconcerting fluidity, fighting a frankly unexpected realism. The decorated, musculature and movements of the characters are remarkable. If you like the medieval and fantastical histories, we assure you will spend long hours with Orc vs Elf (provided you have a good connection and please be patient) To be the new title very sweet RTG in terms of living memory.
In Orc vs ElfTM two sides face and you must choose your champion. Then the rollers appear on the screen giving a glimpse of the two antagonistic realms. Morodor will make you freak out, as in The Lord of the Rings. And from a personal point of view, the City of Elves seems much friendlier. From here, wild battles await us everywhere and we can use an arsenal to get rid of our most bitter enemy. Axes, spears, bows and arrows, ropes, swords, shields ... the list is long and you will find yourself in front of a magic potion to regain his strength in no time.
The slot machine ElfTM vs Orc is very affordable from the monetary point of view. We only need 25 euro cents minimum to rotate the rollers, knowing that the maximum bet allowed is 25 €. We can bet manually and automatically, but we recommend using the first choice for safety. Remember that you can get a jackpot of € 1,000.

Bonuses and features Orc vs ElfTM are too numerous to list here. Both orcs and elves can act as Wild and can replace any symbol of their respective community (like an elf can not replace skulls, symbols associated with the orcs). One of the star moments of the game will take us to the battlefield. In the chart of this bonus minigame, we will have to face to the enemy champion with the help of than we chose previously. Three icons of the battlefield must be aligned to achieve it. In addition to the Scatter symbols, which will allow us to multiply our earnings by 10, there are seven unreleased features that can be achieved on the side of the Orcs and other seven . Its features are composed mostly of interactive challenges and, in all cases, will allow us to get full credit.

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