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Review of Lucky 8 online slot

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Lucky 8 online slot
The Lucky 8 slot was conceived by the creators of RTG thanks to the idea of the number 8 as a number of good luck in Chinese tradition, and in fact the word eight in Chinese resembles the word fortune ...¡What genies are the of RTG to create the slot Lucky 8! With this premise, what can we expect out to seek win good prizes to play while we see images relatively well achieved some recognizable elements of China?
The RTG online casino software on this occasion the Lucky 8 slot where the premise is very interesting and goes a long way in this wonderful world so fascinating of the online game. The RTG Lucky 8 slot is based on the Chinese tradition to believe that the number eight is a lucky number, because words eight and fortune are very similar in the Chinese language. For this belief it is noteworthy that many elements in the Asian country use this number in order to attract luck. The clearest example I have in mind right now is the exact date that the Beijing Olympics began, the 08/08/08 at 8pm with 8 minutes 8 seconds.
The symbols are from the ancient Chinese warriors up to the famous rampart, to always keep in mind the Asian giant, which is a value added to the fun
The slot Lucky 8 from RTG takes advantage of that belief and is a perfect premise for a game of online casino where the ultimate goal is to seek luck and of course enjoy good prizes.
The graphs of the Lucky 8 Slots are very classical and relatively well accomplished in their symbols show where some of the most iconic elements of Chinese culture. While the graphics fail to be spectacular, they are functional.
As usual with RTG slots, Lucky 8 has basic and generic sound effects that really do not add much to the gaming experience, but honestly not detract too.
With 5 Reels and 25 paylines, despite their miscues, well worth try their luck in this online casino game where the premise is exactly that, luck.

As I mentioned earlier in this review of the Lucky 8 slot of RTG, this casino game online with extraordinary premise and acceptable execution, gives us the chance to win great prizes because it has access to good boat because there is a prize multiplier 8X which I find great both conceptually and practically.
The symbols ranging from warriors of the to the famous ancient Chinese rampart, to always keep in mind the Asian giant, which is a value added to the fun.
While there is no mini games or free spins rounds, simply multiplier and strong and powerful symbolism that evokes the slot Lucky 8 of RTG are strong reasons rather than to decide to try his luck in this casino game online.

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