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Review of the Monkey Business slot machine

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Do not confuse with Monkey Business, fourth studio album of Eyed Black Peas it came out the June 7, 2005, the Monkey Business on which we have the honor to speak today is none other than the machine number 51 developed by the Saucify editor, at a time when it was called still BetOnSoft. In Monkey Business, Saucify offers radiography what would be the world if he were directed by civilized apes. Apes, businessmen, computer apes, apes engineers, cooks apes, a community of primates that suddenly takes different roles in society. Could you recognize one of them? If you are interested in this strange portrait of our modern times, be tempted by Monkey Business, a slot machine consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines. The game keeps a jackpot of € 12,500; with that we could buy tons of bananas.

An urban jungle inhabited by all sorts of completely crazed primates. That's what awaits us in Monkey Business: lemurs who design maquettes, Baboons surgeons who are prepared before your next intervention, gorillas are angry with their customers over the phone, that is the portrait drawn by Saucify through its amazing video slot machine. Did he already know all about the New World monkeys? Think again, there are still plenty of things to learn. In Monkey Business, the marmosets are great cooks and the orangutan wearing his tie with elegance. Also eat bananas, broken tree branches and have fun with large exotic leaves little probable despite his attraction to new technologies. Mobile phones, PCs and calculators, monkeys have adapted.
Monkey Business is not only a slot machine that will make you have a good time, but also will allow you to have fun for a long time thanks to their bets so affordable. Count only between one cent and twenty five cents per payline to take his chance in this fun title of Saucify studies.

There are numerous special symbols that allow you to get rich. First is the merchant gorilla, which can replace any standard icon or simian with the aim of offering hundreds earnings. The adventure is over for one of his friends primates when they leave three symbols on the screen of the package, dried fruits: this symbol unlock the mini game bonus, which will lead you to choose one of the Apes game. This will be released once you have made your decision. You will receive a generous prize despite causing him emotional distress. Finally, the citizen ape (leading suit, hat and umbrella) will help you benefit from free spins. In total, you can receive up to thirty free spins. A unique opportunity to multiply their profits tenfold in an instant.

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