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Review of the Road Trip Max Ways slot machine

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Road Trip Max Ways slot machine
This slot is about a road trip on Route 66, the famous road much more represented in popular culture that extends to two thousand miles between Chicago and California. This slot machine puts you in the driver's seat of a Dodge classic red / orange as you drive from state to state, most of the symbols representing soft drinks what will have on the way. There are also three human characters in the machine, the man of allegedly striped shirt works at the gas station, wearing the Stetson blonde waitress and the driver of the car that is a lot like Brad Pitt.

The drawing on bottom of the machine is the open road, the symbols from line victory at both sides of the reels drawn in the style of the yellow traffic signs. Above the reels title is joined by the speed indicator, which it moves at high speed when it achieves a victory. This machine has a nice feel of colors and all symbols are relevant to the machine. The animation is good, the wild expansion of the classic Dodge sees driving down the road, while showing Route 66 in 360 degrees. The accompanying sound is a rock song and one can imagine putting the radio of the car for listening to in a loud voice as he put your foot on the pedal.

This machine made by Saucify has 5 reels and nine pay lines, a much smaller number of lines found on most machines in the current climate - but can actually go lower than this number can be changed. Your total bet for each spin is determined by a combination of the number of winning lines, the amount of the currency and the value of the currency.
To achieve victory you need to fall in consecutive symbols on a win line from left to right, starting with the far left. All symbols need at least three in a row apart from the truck, where you can really win with only two. This truck symbol is also the highest paying one in the game, which gives an impressive 7,500x the amount of its currency if the fall out of 5 in a row. The driver, waitress and service station worker are the next symbols winners, giving you 500x, 350x and 275x received respectively for 5 in a row. The food makes up the rest of the standard symbols in the game; they still a good juicy burger, pancakes filled with syrup, ice cream, cold beer, a cocktail and a cup of coffee with donuts.

The main feature of the slot is the expanding wild. The wild symbol is the red / orange Dodge, which appears only on reels 2 and 4. When it appears will expand to fill the entire reel, giving additional victories. This can be especially profitable when the symbol appears in both the second and fourth reel, so the important 5 in a row earns much more attainable.

This machine is made by Saucify not be particularly original compared to many other machines, the function of the expansion lone wild makes for a somewhat simplistic game. However, the slot machine has a nice atmosphere, graphically is good, wild animation gives the game a sort of momentum.

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