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Review of Jungle Boogie slot machine

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Jungle Boogie slot machine
What could be more fascinating than the journey through the mysterious jungle and also by a generous prize?. In the classic slot machine, of the famous company Playtech awaits you not only an encounter with the exotic inhabitants, curious and sometimes dangerous of the wild jungle, but also the chance to win many cash prizes or even the jackpot. He gift real for lovers of the classic slot, this slot machine can not boast a huge amount of lines or the original bonds, but payments here are more than generous, and the minimum winning combination may consist only of a symbol! In addition you can play Jungle Boogie slot machine not only with real money, if not free, this is enough to start the game in demo mode that lets you play without deposit and without registration.
For those who prefer super modern slot machines with huge amount of lines of payments, the slot machine Jungle Boogie will seem too simple and even archaic. Indeed, the structure of the slot machine drum machine is just three plus one line payment, which must receive the symbols. But such minimum requirements are actually an advantage: Where else do you find a slot machine, which can receive the minimum cash prize for a single symbol, not two or even three?.
The slot machine handling is a task more than easy. Before the game, the user will have to adjust only two parameters: the size of the bet and the amount of bets on the same single line payment. Note that if you take advantage of a chance to play free Jungle Boogie, the minimum bet size will equal one euro, the maximum is equal to five euros. And in the game mode with real money at any online casino these limits may be others, so pay special attention to the amount bet. You will will help to monitor spending in the spin a window with the inscription Bet, there the sum total of the bet is shown.
The second very important parameter of the slot machine Jungle Boogies is the amount of bets on the line is determined by the Bet One button. In total you can make one, two or three bets, depending on the indication will change the payment by combinations and respectively, the total profit. For example, the minimum winning combination in the game is a single symbol with the image of a fish tropica. Depending on the amount of bets made by the same award shall be equal to 2, 4 or 6 por1.
Being the classic slot machine, the slot machine Jungle Boogie can not boast a bonus rounds, games for doubling, special symbols and everything with what modern slot machines attract players. So here we must pay attention to its payments, as already mentioned, they are dependent on the bets made on the line.
The symbol less paid in gambling is the image of a tropic fish. There are three variants of the combination of one, two or three symbols. The minimum payment for such combinations will be respectively 2 for 1, 5 for 1 and 150 for 1. And if you make two or three line bets, payments will be much higher, which is very beneficial, considering that you need to take only a fish on one of the three drums.
All symbols of the game machine Jugle Boogie are the images of the exotic inhabitants of the tropics. You would expect an encounter with the monkeys, multicolored parrots and of course with butcher’s tigers, the kings of the jungle. By the way, precisely the latest respond in this game of chance of the Jackpot: if you have the fortune to get three matching symbols with the image of a tiger head, the minimum payment will be 1000 by 1. And if you have done two or even three line bets, the jackpot will grow until 2000 by 1 and 4000 by 1 respectively.

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