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Wins, Free spins and great bonuses in this magnificent slot machine

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Playtech has included some great items to your new game
William Hill added 'Cat in Vegas' to his already huge list of slot games. Following the wake of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas the crazy introduction of the video to the game, shows a cat of similar style to the journalist Hunter S. Thompson walking through the desert of Nevada and ends up in Las Vegas with their flashing lights and their casinos, ending at the end in a casino dressed as Elvis.

Process launched by Playtech, Cat in Vegas contains some of the richest graphics that no slot has ever seen. Astutely, they designed all symbols of the game in the manner of 'Fear and Loathing ...' and he melted with other more classic style of Las Vegas, with all the symbols of cards designed to look like neon lights and with an art style deco elegant in all the game buttons.
Based on the classic format 3 columns in 5 reels, see 15 symbols turn without lines fixed payment, which means that you can set the same player, which makes it an ideal game for tighter control of capital while it's played.
Playtech has included some great items to your new game

This slot has some great elements and multipliers. The 'Wheel of Luck' ('Wheel of Fortune') for example is based on the design of the wheel of fortune we all know, with the cat spinning the roulette stops on a multiplier. The cat will continue to rotate the wheel, allowing stop us in another multiplier, at which point the bonus turn ends. All we need to activate this element is to get a symbol of roulette in any of the rollers.
In addition to free spins galore, another exciting bonus game is the 'Vegas Slots', which will be activated when we land on their special symbol in the first, third and fifth roller respectively. Once activated, will give us the option to play in four slots to activate multipliers, and the cat will play for us. If we are lucky enough to light all four lights, we will win the progressive jackpot.

Hats off to Playtech because this is a very fun game, an extremely dynamic slot to play and spin 'Fear and Loathing' is very well executed. It is very easy really immerse yourself completely in the game due to its rich graphics, a fun style and bonuses that appear often achieved enough to make the game even more interesting.
William Hill Casino made a good choice to add this slot to its portfolio because surely entertain their customers playing for hours and is the type of slot that can attract real attention of new players because it is very safe and easy to play. A us here, we loved it and we encourage you to play one or two games even if you are not normally a fan of slot machines.
Can you play this game in casinos William Hill Casino [read review] and get an attractive bonus at the same time.

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