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Review of the Innocence or Temptation slot machine

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Innocence or Temptation slot machine
Innocence or Temptation (Ash Gaming) is a themed slot of heaven and hell 20 paylines, a round of free spins and a "Bonus lightning '. RTP is 97%.
You can change the profile of the same through the slider, Innocence or Temptation. The configuration 'Innocence' allows more frequent gains, however, the setting 'Temptation' allows higher profits. There are five possible configurations of the slider. The configuration slider also affects the types of cards that appear in the 'Bonus free spins'.

Innocence or Temptation offers two wildcard symbols: the angel and the devil wildcard.
Both can replace any other symbol except the special free spins symbol in order to complete the best possible winning combination.
There is a different payment for the combination of three or more wildcards in a payline (and consecutively starting from the left reel shape), as shown in the 'Paytable'. This payment is made instead of the normal prize symbols if the amount achieved with wildcards is greater than the gain of the combination of normal symbols (with a wildcard in it).
The wildcards of Angel pay x 1 and the jokers of Demon paying x 2. If more than one wildcard demon appears on the payline, the multiplier value of wildcards in different positions does not accumulate. For example, if a line demon gains three symbols appear, the gain line only multiplied by two. When a profit is made exclusively by wild demon, it is it multiplies.

When three special free spins symbols appear simultaneously on reels two, three and four, five free spins richer (Power-Up) are activated
a message at the beginning of the function will appear indicating that he has won five free spins. Click 'Start' to start the function.
During the free spins, the reels spin automatically with the same bet per line as the spin that activated the function.
Above the reels there are four cards are placed face down. After each turn, you are prompted to choose a card to increase profits. The possibility of an angel or a demon depends on whether the position of the slider at the time when free spins were activated.
After each spin, spin gains that appear in the 'total earnings' field. The field 'Total free spin' shows retained earnings of all free spins made so far. The number of free spins remaining is displayed on the 'Free spins remaining' box.
Once all the free spins, a screen with retained earnings of all the free spins will appear.

The position of the slider above the reels determines which of the five modes plays. Modes (left to right) are as follows.
• Very innocent: frequent but small gains. Wildcards appear on reels one, two and three offer more opportunities to get small gains of three similar symbols. A special symbol free spin the reels are added.
• Inocente: a midpoint between the way 'Very innocent' and neutral.
• Neutral: A fair mix of small and large / wild symbols and free spins are distributed evenly across the reels profits.
• Tempting: a midpoint between 'very tempting' and neutral manner.
• Very tempting: rare but higher profits. Wildcards are on reels three four five, increasing the chances of getting combinations of 4 and 5 symbols. Special symbols appear less free spins. If you enjoy the game on the 'very tempting' when a free spins round is triggered, the entire cards demon will appear during the round, increasing their earnings potential.

During the main game, lightning can strike the center reel at any time, making them appear coins reel base. a counter will appear during the animation of the coins. When the animation stops, so will the counter. The counter value of the coins will be added to your winnings.
The 'Bonus Lightning' and free spins can be activated at the same time. If this happens, the 'Bonus Lightning' will be played first, your earnings will be shown online and then start the free spins round.

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