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The Chests of Plenty Slot | Ash Gaming game rules

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Chests of Plenty Slot
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Chests of Plenty Slot
Chests of Plenty (Ash gaming) is a 5 reel, 20 line based on the fearsome pirates. The game has a progressive jackpot in the round 'bonus Chest', 'Treasure Map bonus', as well as wild symbols and symbols that can be trucar in wild depending on the symbols that are close to these.
The game of the bonus of the coffer inside of reels is a special symbol that contains an extra profit you get by getting 3 of the coffer symbols on any reel.
The symbols the coffer do not contain gains, however they lead to bonus game Chests of Plenty of coffer it does ensure a profit.
The 3 chests will move towards the center of the screen and will open to display three gems in each chest.
To get 3 identical gems in a chest will get profit (the exact amount depends on the type of rock and the total bet).
If all 3 gems of a chest are not the same then that chest will close and not reopen.
Once the 3 chests have opened and have shown the gems were inside, and then the chests have had earnings will open again and show three gems. This will continue until there are no longer awarded chests.

If all 9 gems, at a given moment, were all diamonds, then the player wins the progressive jackpot. The extra round will continue and the player will also receive extra winnings from the bonus. These gains will be added when you finish the bonus round.
A percentage of bets placed will be used to balance the jackpot in an initial background. Once the jackpot obtained, the value will return to balance stored in the initial background. Bets made during obtaining the jackpot will be won and the reduced balance may be eliminated.
Bets made during obtaining the jackpot will be won and the reduced balance may be eliminated.
Due to communication delays, two players may appear as the winners of a jackpot at the same time. In this case the first to receive profits for the full value of the jackpot, while the second will receive the initial value.
If a jackpot is canceled due to the closure of a game or other factors, you receive a notification.

The symbol of the 'Girl' is a wild card that can replace any other symbol except the 'Map' or the symbols of the 'Chests'.
The symbol of the 'Pirate' is a normal symbol unless it appears immediately to the left or right of a symbol of the 'girl'. In that case, the symbol 'Pirata' becomes a wildcard (and acts in the same way as the joker of a 'girl').
The symbol of the 'girl' can appear between two symbols of the 'Pirate', in which case both symbols of the 'Pirate' become wild.

By getting 3 or more map symbols anywhere on the reels will start the 'Bonus Treasure Island'. There are three ways of the island with increasing amounts of prizes. If you get 3 symbols on the map, will start the 'Bonus Treasure Island' in the 'Booty Island'. If you get 4 symbols of 'Bonus' map, start the' Bonus Treasure Island 'in the' Island of plenty
and if you have 5 symbols of Bonus of the map, starts the Bonus of the treasure Island in the 'jackpot Island'.
Each island of the bonus from from Treasure Island has a path with boxes. How many more special symbols are needed for access to an island, the better will be the prizes of the boxes.
Turn the wheel to move the boxes the way. When you turn the wheel, it will stop in a number indicating how many boxes what advance along the way, a symbol that will stop the round of 'Bonus' and the will grant gains or a square that includes a multiplier, a part of the map or a mysterious prize.

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