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Review of the Jackpot Giant slot machine

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Jackpot Giant slot machine
Preview towards a gigantic progressive jackpot in this titanic slot machines full of awards with a round of 'Bonus' of stacked symbols. Five wild symbols appear on the payline one activate the 'jackpot Giant of the progressive jackpot' - Jackpot Giant.
The symbol 'Bonus' appears on reels one five during the main game. Two symbols of 'Bonus' appear simultaneously on any of the reels activate the 'Jackpot Giant - Progressive Jackpot' as explained here. RTP are 94.22%.

The symbol of the 'Gigante and mountain' and the 'Gigante and forest' are the symbols piled, which means that each of these two symbols occupy two vertical positions on the reels. Each hedged position to participate in a winning combination is paid in accordance with the corresponding gain for the respective stacked symbol, as shown in the 'Paytable'.
Jackpot Giant slot machine

If three symbols 'Bonus' anywhere else on the reels one, three and five in the main game is activates the round of bonus epic turns.
The next window reveals six volcanoes. Choose the three, one at a time by clicking on the desired. Each of them hides a cash prize and also can get an 'extra choice' or the option to 'win them all. " If you win an "extra Choice ', you can choose an additional fourth item. If he wins the option 'Win the all', all volcanoes appear for you and win the six 'Bonus' cash prize.
You can win the 'Additional Choice', or the 'win it all' option during a single round of 'Bonus'.

Jackpot Giant slot machine
The 'Jackpot Giant - Jackpot progressive' or Jackpot Giant is achieved when a combination of five wild symbols appear in the main game in the payline one.
To qualify for the 'Jackpot Giant - Progressive Jackpot' must play the maximum total bet possible. Consequently, only you entitled to participate in the 'Jackpot Giant - Progressive Jackpot' when he pays a contribution for this.
If you win the Jackpot Giant receive the amount of the jackpot, but not the prize payout table for 5 wild symbols. If five wild symbols appear on the payline one, but is not entitled to 'Jackpot Giant - Progressive Jackpot will receive the prize payout schedule for the combination of five equal symbols.
The Jackpot Giant is a progressive jackpot, which accumulates all the casinos that offer the game Jackpot Giant. A small percentage of each maximum total bet is added to the common pot. Most of this contribution is used to form the amount of the progressive jackpot, and the other smaller part, contributes to an amount which is the minimum guaranteed that players who are entitled to Jackpot Giant may earn.
If a player wins the jackpot, you win € 100,000 from the initial amount of the pot and the portion progressively accumulated in the jackpot there at that time. If a player wins the jackpot before the boat reaches € 100,000, you will win the initial amount of the pot that has been accumulated in who wins the jackpot along with part progressively accumulated of the Jackpot. Then, the initial amount of the pot will start from 0.
If two players win the 'Jackpot Giant - Progressive Jackpot' at the same time, the first player to get the initial amount of the pot and the progressive party; the second player will win the initial amount of the pot along with any possible progressive part accumulated in the time between the first and the second player to win the 'Jackpot Giant - Progressive Jackpot'.

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