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Review of the Water Dragons slots machines

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Water Dragons slots machines
The Oriental themed slots are very popular in the world of slot, at this time the developers of slot IGT decided to create another popular slot with this thematic, called Water Dragons.
As we all know, IGT developers are leaders in the market for slot machines and also have a few this subject that have become the favorite of many fans.
This slot in particular, is a favorite of players landbased casinos, and online adaptation has been one of the most anticipated in the market.
So everyone expected the transformation of this slot to the online platform it will be a success. It also has the backing of IGT is enough optimism for even the most pessimistic slot player.
Water Dragons is a slot consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines, so fans of the aforementioned slot with Asian beauty remains the favorite of many now in the online market.

Water Dragons slots machines
The symbols in this slot are fully linked to the theme, all symbols are oriented Asian beauty.
If you have any questions regarding the symbols, you can clear them by going to the paytable, that is an icon with three horizontal lines at the bottom left of the screen, there you will find all the information you need to answer any questions that you I presented.
For example: which ones are all the symbols displayed on the cylinders, which special symbols are the wild symbol and the scatter symbol, how much you pay each symbol, how many points generates each symbol and what are all the paylines available in the game.
So if you're not an expert, do not worry, this slot offers the necessary tools so you can become an expert.

Earn up to 225 free spins. The Wild symbol, also known as a special symbol or wild symbol is the symbol of water dragons, and only appears on reels 2 to 5, by replacing each symbol other than the scatter bonus.
Three bonus Oyster spills into slot 2 to 4 triggers a bonus free spins with 15 gifts granted immediately. However, 15 spins more can they be yours for beating to other three scatters of bonuses during
the twists.

Look in particular for the symbol of the pearl, which appears in the cylinder 5, when she does is converted to any wild symbol.
If you hit three pearls will win another wild card in the form of one of the colors of Koi. For example, three pearls convert the Koi red on an additional wildcard, six pearls unleashes the Koi spotted wild twist, and so successively.

Between all the slot machines developed by IGT, this seems a bit simple, its features are not the most striking. I honestly figured much more of this slot. I expected than even surpass my expectations.
But actually it became another slot more. What I can tell you is that it is ideal for those who are novices on the issue of slots. It is very easy and simple to play, you only have to invest a little time, and in less than what you imagine and you'll be an expert in this slot.
I must also comment on another point in favor of this slot, and it is very easy to get the victory in the game, even though it only has 30 paylines, it's easy to get them, plus each symbol pays very well, alone you must know when to to bet and in less than what you imagine you have become a millionaire.
With regard to the visual part of the game, i must say that developers slot IGT did an excellent job, getting a perfect harmony in the combination of the theme with the symbols, the colors they added were perfect, as do the visual effects and sound effects, creating a friendly environment for players to spend a comfortable time while having fun and making money is the most important.

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