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Review of the Cash Coaster Slot

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Cash Coaster Slot
You could say that emotions you would get in a session of games in a mobile slots are similar to a ride full of adrenaline you can experience on a roller coaster. Now, the innovative IGT team has decided to merge this similarity to offer a roller coaster theme for this game.
Definitely no comparison to the amount of adrenaline that can reach flowing through your body when you decide to go aboard a wagon on a roller coaster, the feeling is incredible, and I confess that the name of this slot machine is well placed and leads him in the right way.
Cash Coaster is an online slot machine that has 5 cylinders and puts at your disposal, nothing more and nothing less than 30 active pay lines that take you back to the days of vintage when Coney Island was the queen of all fairs and nothing could beat a good Saturday afternoon at the amusement park where you can ensure great experiences and emotions.
If you are more as I, he holds bags and coats all your mates while they come up to wagon to face the danger frightening of the roller coaster and avoid being sick due to vertigo, then enters once and pour yourself emotions and adrenaline but without risking your life.
Symbols appear in the cylinders will fill the senses tingling, of nostalgia that include ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, pretzels, caramel apples and ice cream.
Normal symbols are replaced by a series of 7 symbols that are a bit boring, but obviously is not important in this slot, so do not present too much attention to that. If you get the wild roller coasters will receive a big surprise.

The wild card icon is brightly lit and acts as the only wildcard is this mobile tragamoneds, can replace any other symbol, except for symbols the free spins to complete winning combinations potential that may appear on the cylinders during a turn. You want wild reels? You got it!. It actually has a feature such large quantities as a roller coaster that can pay some big money if you get a win. This is where in any rotation in the cylinder 1, cylinder 5, or both at once can completely turn off the wild card.
You can imagine the potential damage with two completely filled cylinders wildcards. Earn 6 free throws and a multiplier of 30x, the symbols of free spins are as you can guess, the key to trigger the free spins round by bonus.
If you get three of the symbols of free spins on the cylinders, then you will be taken to a second screen where you must select a locker to reveal up to 6 free spins. You also have the possibility of winning a 30x multiplier when the free spins are triggered additionally cylinders 1 and 5 will remain fully enabled as wildcards during the free spins.
You can also activate additional free spins to get three free spins symbols on the cylinders in any free spin.

Cash Coaster is a game that will leave you longing to return to the days of summer, when did not have one alone worry in the world as a child, the fun is there and the cylinders completely to your fingertips by providing high levels of fun.
It is also cool to play with a level similar to other slot machines IGT as Behemoth or the timeless classic Cleopatra enthusiasm. It's nothing fancy, but if well managed. However, this title should carry a warning that could leave you depressed if you're playing on a cold Tuesday night in the middle of winter.

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