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Review of Natural Powers slot machine

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Natural Powers slot machine
There are a number of developers looking to create their own mobile slots titles in order to seize the market.
On this occasion the developers of IGT have done an excellent job creating this slot that has become the favorite of all fans of slot machines on the market, including me. Get ready to discover one of the most fascinating slots of recent times online.
Natural Powers is a mobile slot of 5 reels and 40 paylines that focuses on four main characters that are based on the elements.
Earth, Wind, Fire and Ice are central to this slot with the four that make up the symbols on the cylinders.

Everything about the style of this mobile slot will appeal to the books of superheroes and comic fans. If you loved playing Dungeons and Dragons IGT, then almost certainly you can get a win in this slot.
The Wild symbol or special symbol is represented by the shape of a bubble. If ever seen episodes of Adam West Batman then you feel a sense of nostalgia.
These Wild symbols substitute for any other symbol except for the bonus symbols to complete winning combinations.

The first thing you will notice in the natural powers slot is the presence of symbols in freefall. If you have been lucky enough to experience the sublime pleasures of Da Vinci Diamonds then you'll know everything about this effect of cylinders in cascading.
After each round, the symbols involved in a winning combination disappear and symbols what fall from above to fill vacancies in the cylinders below. This will give you the opportunity to hit several winning combinations on the same line if luck goes your way.
Action after each turn seems to be the theme of this slot and is where the four elements come into their own. After every turn there is a chance that a randomly triggered Mystery feature could become activated. There are five characteristics of mystery with the four characters of elements that play a role in these characteristics.
The wind of mystery feature, see all the fire and ice as symbols combination blowing away from the cylinders.
Because freefall Symbols count, the gaps left in the cylinders then be occupied by the symbols what fall from above so although the initial impact of the feature may feel a bit disappointing that could hit some big wins when symbols fall free.
The Mystery feature fire burn all the wind and the earth, symbols of combination. Again, the spaces left by the symbols that come out will be occupied by the symbols fall from above as part of the free fall symbols.
The Mystery earth characteristic see the character, earth trap and remove a random pattern of symbols in the cylinders. This has a chaotic feel to it, but the final product can be very nice if the symbols falling to replace those that have disappeared and will deliver a victory.
Feature Mystery ice will have the same influence as the Mystery Earth Feature. The character of ice freezes a random selection of symbols on the reels and make them disappear allowing new symbols to fall into place and potentially trigger a winning combination.
Finally, the mystery of Super Team is the detonator of the free spins bonus round. You will need to hit three bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 for what this function is enabled. Once activated, you must choose one of four characters to determine how many free items and multipliers will be given turns.
Will fire 5 free spins with up to 10x multiplier, Wind will reward 8 free spins with up to 10x multiplier, Ice will give you 12 free spins with up to 5x multiplier, and the earth will give you 15 free spins with up 4x multiplier.

Natural Powers is a slot that brings unique features to all fans fall in love with her. I particularly am hooked and can recommend with eyes closed.
So do not wait and start enjoying all the benefits what IGT developers bring to with this fabulous slot.

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