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Review of the Zombie Rush slot machine

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Zombie Rush slot machine
The theme of zombies is very fashionable at the moment. Under the impetus of the films and series such as World War Z and Walking Dead, publishers have made every effort to attract an audience that likes this terrifying post apocalyptic approach to life. In this genre, if there is an online slot machine what succeeds, this is if you doubt RushTM Zombie, 3D game made in 2014 for the excellent study Leander Games. This title will not like only lovers of our friends the undead, but rather is directed to the general public. Very humorous (sometimes, even candida), this unprecedented slot machine embodies what Leander Games do best and truly meets all the qualities developer: sumptuous graphics, total immersion, great sound environment: Ladies and gentlemen, I have before a masterpiece of coming out very rarely. Zombie RushTM is well placed to become the game of the year.

Appropriate and bright graphics, realistic animations and flawless fluidity and tension that are palpated from start to finish, truly Zombie RushTM is a slot machine that know mark your mind. All these ingredients give life to a story that engages the Max, a young teenager who moves innocently in a city ravaged by the flames and by an epidemic of zombies. In fact, Max is not as innocent as it seems. Armed with a baseball bat, he is determined to save his sister Claire, imprisoned accidentally in a nuclear shelter. If ignited, all risks explode. Claire may mutate or be devoured by those horrible creatures that have nothing human. Although…
Users for whom play for free is not enough, can have fun at any time with Zombie RushTM for real money. The twenty paylines will allow them to quickly capitalize on their investment. Anyway, do not bet too much. Indeed, Zombie RushTM supports up to 200 € bet with all full lines, a sum that is not available to everyone. If you do not have too many media, you would do better betting the minimum amount authorized, which is one euro cent, and get some not inconsiderable profits while enjoying the fabulous story that offers us here today Leander Games.

A lot of symbols help us move on stage and also get benefits. Pretty disgusting icons like brains sticking, pumpkin heads and horrible zombies of course allow us to gain credits, but is above all a symbol of barrel full of toxic liquid which we must focus. This symbol, which acts as the Wild can be replaced without exception by any of the others. Only two images escape this company dedicated to the symbol free spins and bonuses to unlock mini games. The logo "Spinz" will allow us to validate the first stage while the symbol of the door is the one that will give us the opportunity to save the little Claire. Careful not meet zombies when we enter this game mode, because then the two protagonists suffer atrociously. In fact, only one key will help us for the outcome of this game.

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