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Player Hits Biggest Bitcoin Dice - Win Ever

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Player Hits Biggest Bitcoin Dice - Win Ever
BetKing recently announced that a player won an enormous, record- breaking payout of 250 Bitcoin. This has been the highest number of Bitcoins won so far on this particular platform.
BetKing is the largest Bitcoin Casino that is crowd-funded. It was earlier called the Pocket Rockets Casino, operating now for almost three years.

BetKing [read review] is mainly famous for the large payouts compared to other such casinos. In the previous year, it was recorded that BetKing had totally given all the winners about 35000 Bitcoin. It is for this reason that BetKing is widely popular. The last highest recorded payout for a winner was 200 Bitcoin. This was until last month.
On June 23rd , the player who now holds the record for the highest number of Bitcoin won, goes by the name ... Read More

BetKing is one of the oldest and most trusted casinos with Bitcoin. Since its launch in April 2013, BetKing has become the leading gaming site with Bitcoin. The site operates a casino Bitcoin Joint Financing invested more than 4,500 bitcoins and offers the highest betting limits in the industry.

Who Won the Biggest Bitcoin Dice Jackpot?
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