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Bitcoin `Dice` Jackpot Climbs to Over 10 BTC

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FortuneJack [read review]

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Bitcoin `Dice` Jackpot Climbs to Over 10 BTC
Bitcoin `Dice` has become one of the most played online casino games for several reasons: it has a low house edge, it`s simple to understand, and the results are randomized by the Provably fair system. That has attracted players of all levels, who roll the `Dice` millions of times per day.

FortuneJack [read review] is a top rated Bitcoin casino. Unlike some of its competition, it offers a full range of casino games; not just `Dice`. Nevertheless, the `Dice` game on FortuneJack is one of the best. Right now it is even better, as its progressive Jackpot has reached a record level: over 10 Bitcoin! (Read more)

Learn you can win the FortuneJack `Dice` Jackpot

Fortune Jack Dice, play with your bitcoins!

Fortune Jack - It says, it's a great gaming website with bitcoins, its design and game are so simple you will not need it, all you have to know is that you bet your bitcoins to high or low, it is a site with many options , We will tell you all:

- How to play: Fortune Jack Dice offers the possibility to choose the percentage of possibilities for which you want to play, if you choose for example 90% chances of winning, the number that should go out to win 11% would be roll> 10 or Roll <90, you also choose.

After this first percentage choice, we can now choose the amount you decide to bet, the limit I think is high enough for everyone, it's 500 BTC!

The web is a fair profit sharing with only a 1% profit margin for the house, and you can see the last games, the gain or loss of the previous players, something that makes us see that it is a site that we can trust.

In addition deposits and withdrawals are fast and need few confirmations, you can see them fast in your account, and also when you withdraw, you will see the bitcoins arrive quickly to your wallet.

Like other websites where you can play with your bitcoins, it offers you the power to invest, to be the bank, a good option to get a profitability for your bitcoins, you are going to see the profits of the house, the profitability that you can get with your bitcoins.

- Two key points that differentiates Sato-dice from other dice game sites with bitcoins: the first of them is that they have a cumulative jackpot that every Friday at 10 pm, this jackpot is drawn among those who have played more than 0 , 01Btc during the week. The last prize was 0.64 bitcoins.

The second point that differentiates them, from other websites is that they give 0.00001 btc, among the last 100 players, randomly, another good way to encourage their players, and we are seeing which player they touch, so it is not always lost.

- Conclusion: we believe it is a site that deserves to be tested, all the options you have, you can use different strategies with your bitcoins, to double them, or earn only 10%, or multiply them by 10, depends on the risk you want to run.
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"Bitcoin 'Dice' Jackpot Climbs to Over 10 BTC" User Comments



"I tried many btc dice sites, lately I tried bitsler and it was the only one I could reach 1k satoshis from nothing, but also lost them quick, dice is hard."

Posted: January 29th, 2017
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