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Claim an Extra 25% Bonus for the `Game of Thrones` Slot

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Claim an Extra 25% Bonus for the 'Game of Thrones' Slot
So many people love both HBO`s "Game of Thrones" and online slot gaming. Finally, these two world collide with Microgaming`s "Game of Thrones" slot game, available now it InstaCasino [read review] ,NetBet Casino [read review] !

Featuring slot symbols from the hit series, many people have come flocking to this game for it`s exciting Free Spin game that lets you choose between 4 of the major family Houses of Westeros. From here, you`ll receive free spin chances, multiplier options and individual amounts of stacked symbols unique to each house. Then get ready for it`s story line straight from the show itself and a special trail gamble feature - a map-based side quest system that give you more chances at hitting the jackpot. There a good balance between small-to-medium sized payouts and larger payouts that take longer to hit but not too much longer. The creators of Game of Thrones love sex and nudity, and season six, with (spoiler alert light) frontal nude Daenerys Targaryen, it is a proof of this. While for some sex and nudity are somewhat uncomfortable, others are the most entertaining. HBO and George R. R. Martin spared no details for those who enjoy a little incest, or to the group of gay or bisexual, for those who are able to bring demons into the world with their genitals and who have no genitals directly. Given the above, it is strange that the program has dragons and never bothered to show us how it is mounted with the subject of sex.
All this and a fantastic graphic and animation taken directly from the world of the show add up to a game you just might risk stealing a few dragon eggs from the Khalesi ... Read More

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