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New players can get several different great deals at LeoVegas casino

Carlos Daniel


LeoVegas [read review]

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New players can get several different great deals at LeoVegas [read review] for a month now. One of the best deals that people can get is a chance to win a trip for two to Bali! An opportunity for a trip like that is literally ten Euros away, with only a little bit of luck. People can try the Dazzle Me slot as well, with 200 free spins. At that many spins, their odds at LeoVegas just went up.

When I travel to Bali? The weather
The time, or rainy season runs from October to April, the dry season is from May to September. Bali is still a place with high humidity throughout the season, so you should make sure your hotel has air conditioning. Obviously it is more advisable to travel during the dry season, but it is also true that the best travel deals to find them during the rainy season.

Is there internet in Bali? Where to get wifi?
The vast majority of hotels in Bali offer internet wirelessly to all its customers, just ask for the password. If you have hired Spanish service data, assegúrate to disable it before traveling and just use wifi during your trip, or you may get an astronomical bill. In bars, cafes and restaurants of medium or good quality there is also wifi. If you plan to make a long stay and you do not want to worry about go 'hunting' wifis for the places you visit, you can buy a card
Casino news page

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